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Meet Maya


Transformation, the single word that genuinely captures the essence of Maya’s calling. Transforming lives, whether working large groups from the front of the room as a Speaker/Trainer or as a Psychotherapist working with individuals and couples, Maya seeks to touch the soul. 


Maya is a Board Certified Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, Yoga/Meditation teacher, Seminar Leader, and Corporate Coach.  She specializes in all aspects concerning relationships with a focal point on the relationship to one’s self.


Maya is a graduate from UCLA Department of Theater, Film, and T.V. She worked in entertainment for years before completing her Master's Degree in clinical Psychology. Her work as a massage therapist and yoga instructor led her to an intensive program at the Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy where she could merge these methods with her studies in Eastern Philosophy, meditation and mindfulness based practices. Her work today unifies an extraordinary blend of these systems with a sharp intuition, keen sense of present state awareness, and an unyielding determination to seek the truth at all costs.


Maya's passion for inspiring, uplifting and entertaining people naturally led her into public speaking, writing, and training.  Her masterful delivery is dynamic, educational, and motivational.  People walk away with tangible skills they can access immediately to transform their lives both personally and professionally.  She empowers people to take charge of their lives by removing the obstacles preventing them from achieving total success.  Her proven techniques help others become more powerful, successful communicators who create more harmonious relationships both at home and in the workplace.


With the success of her book, Transformational CPR, Maya has become recognized internationally as Speaker, Author, and Coach.  Her enthusiasm, power, and sincerity have both warmed hearts and transformed lives around the globe.

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