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- Tame Your Fears Through                        Fearless Leadership

-Transformational Sales

-Communicating with Tact and Skill

-High Performance Teambuilding

-Integrating Mind, Body and Soul

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"Thank you for your time, expertise and a great presentation/training of Communicating with Tact and Skill.

If you want a speaker who will touch the hearts, minds and the spirits of your audience members, then you must book my friend  Maya Rasak.  Her message will change your life!


James Malinchak, 


Chicken Soup for the Athlete’s Soul


“I so looked forward to meting you and you lived up to and exceeded my expectations.You were a lovely and marvelous speaker, taking us through a journey to know and love ourselves.  The ladies all said you were our best speaker ever!”

About Maya

Whether stadiums of franchise owners or multitudes of chief stakeholders and high-powered executives, audiences will inherit Maya’s message in a highly tailored, interactive and engaging way.

Each event is personalized, content rich and geared to send your audience into the world with practical, easy to use tools, knowledge, and the confidence to step into the leaders, communicators, closers and collaborators your company warrants.

Maya has crafted the topics below using her extensive clinical expertise in human behavior and performance psychology, while leveraging the latest in cutting edge neuroscience and corporate studies.  All this delivered through comical, riveting, and relevant storytelling.

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Maya is something else on stage.  A relaxed elemental force of nature. She's a treasure for my business and the women I serve.



 I've gotten nothing but great feedback on the seminar.  Staff have said that the day was very well spent; that it was interesting, entertaining, informative and very applicable to their work life.


Transformational Leadership
–Free Your Inner Leader 

Everyone has the potential to be a powerful leader.  Since we’re designed to thrive and not merely survive, the leader is already within us.  With that in mind, this powerful keynote is designed to remove anything blocking the path toward self -realization.  Through mindfulness-based practices, simple action steps and research in cutting edge neuroscience audience members will be called to step into boldness and reveal their inner leader.   Whether a high-powered executive or a stay at home parent, we lead by example.  


To lead a powerful, motivated and inspired team we must possess the qualities we preach.   It’s vital to recognize our inner leader as well as the leader inside the people we coach.  Audiences will learn how their beliefs directly produce personal results as well as those of their team.  


Leadership has little to do with titles, diplomas, or promotions and everything to do with risk taking and following intuition.   Leadership is how we influence those around us.  When we are in synch others will naturally follow our lead.  A lack in resources is never the issue once we make the mental commitment.


Participants will learn to become courageous where they have been fearful, strong where they have been week, clear where they have been confused.  Step into the truth of who you are and out of the confines of the stories you’ve been telling.  Attendees will walk away with easy to use tools to achieve greater satisfaction, joy and reduce stress in the workplace as well as at home, thereby leading stronger more inspired teams, raising productivity levels and having harmony in their home and professional life. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Tools to achieve greater fulfillment while reducing stress and fear

  • Gain inspiration and motivation to reach maximum potential

  • Identify causes for negative beliefs. Turn negatives into positives

  • Greater access to breakthrough performance for you and your team

  • Transform fear into excitement

  • Grow your risk taking muscles

Transformational Communication
– Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?

Studies continue to reveal that one of the most powerful keys to success in any arena is the ability to form healthy relationships and to communicate effectively.  


In this dynamic, content rich talk, audience members will learn persuasive and effective communication tools even with the most difficult personalities.  They will learn the communication skills necessary to become a highly respected, confident professional and transform relationships both at home and in the workplace.  


Learn to read body language and tone of voice.  Define and develop a professional image and standard of communication.  Audiences will adopt powerful techniques to listen actively even when the task seems overwhelming.  This keynote is highly interactive and no one leaves without a transformative experience.


How you choose to communicate, resolve conflict, deal with accountability will directly impact the health and wealth of your relationships so you can, lead, collaborate, close, and motivate the people around you both personally and professionally.


Learning objectives:

  • Act instead of REact to those around you

  • Garner respect and trust from your team

  • Handle conflict dead on and with ease

  • Close the gap for misunderstanding

  • Hold you yourself as well as others accountable

  • Turn negativity into positivity



Transformational CPR
– It’s Time to Wake the ‘F’ Up Before its TOO Late


Transforming lives, individually as Santa Monica based Psychotherapist or captivating large audiences across the county on stage as Speaker or Trainer, Maya’s gift is waking people from their slumber and achieving ultimate fulfillment.  Thousands of people have achieved perfect peace and total contentment using Maya’s intelligible program.


With her recent book, Transformational CPR, Maya has become an internationally recognized Author, Speaker and Life Coach whose enthusiasm and authenticity have impacted the lives of those who know wish for more.


In this powerful motivational keynote audiences are guaranteed to walk away with tangible tools they can access instantly to transform their lives both professionally and personally.  Maya’s proven techniques will motivate audience members to take charge of their lives and skillfully remove the blocks from complete success.


Maya’s masterful delivery is dynamic, educational and motivational and specifically designed to inspire others to change the habits that have kept them stuck.  She will ignite the passion that lies dormant inside each of us.  A lack in resources is never a real obstacle.  It's the belief that we don’t deserve and are incapable of having what we truly desire that stops us from achieving our dreams.


Learning objectives:


  • Shift the habit of settling for less

  • Mindfulness based techniques for present state awareness

  • Learn to go with the stream and not against it

  • Enhance creativity, innovation, joy, and well-being

  • Author your life in a new way – learn to create with grace


Transformational Sales
- Like It or Not We’re All in Sales


Whether selling products, services, or simply trying to enlist your kid, partner or team you are in the business of sales and negotiations.  Learn what it takes to master the art and psychology of powerful sales.  Learn how to gain buy-in no matter whom you’re talking to.


Maya brings her expertise in clinical psychology and her masterful skills in vertical performance psychology with large organizations to the stage in this exquisite presentation to assist in a new approach on sales technique.  Since salespeople present for a living they know when they are being fed a “canned” presentation.  


This keynote will incorporate elements of the salespeople’s daily lives into the actual presentation.  This may include tangible advice to defeat your competitors and tactics to present your products and services more effectively to assist in building relationship selling.


This keynote is hand-crafted to address whatever obstacles your sales force face.  Maya takes time to understand the attendee’s challenges and provides them with strategies they can put to use immediately with confidence.  She has mastered the art of influencing.  In this provocative talk, Maya reveals the drives behind human behavior, the surprising insights and strategies to become effective at influencing the different personalities on your team, in your customer base, with your spouse and kids.


Learning objectives:

  • Know thyself

  • Assess your audience 

  • Gain buy-in no matter whom you’re talking to

  • Understand the different personality types and how to get what you want

  • Learn the art of persuasion

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