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Every moment is a new opportunity

m a y a    r a s a k




 Relationship expert &
Transformational leadership

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For Individuals

Be all you can be


My specialty is mindfulness training so we can live more conscious integrated lives and experience greater intimacy.  I have been in private practice for 20 years.  As a body/mind specialist, I have integrated Western Psychology and Eastern Philosophies and spent years teaching mindfulness, meditation and yoga.  This blend allows me to treat the whole being.  The benefits are:

  • Reduce anxiety/depression

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Positive behavioral changes

  • More satisfying relationships

  • Diminish negative thinking

  • Eliminate self-defeating narratives

  • Manage stress, loss, and change

The unconscious self-defeating patterns we learned long ago can keep us stuck.  I help uncover the habits that keep you anxious and depressed.  Through active listening and interactive exercises, my direct approach helps you encounter hidden parts of yourself, enabling you to integrate these into one whole thriving person with a greater capacity to live and to love completely.

Nothing changes if you don't take action. The journey begins with you.

For Couples

Take your relationship to the next level

What we seek in partnership is loving attunement.  Secure, deep, authentic connection is the springboard to passion. I help couples re-connect and maintain intimacy by enhancing positive patterns, eliminating the negative and becoming each other's advocate. 

Learning  skills to navigate a conscious relationship can heal much of the past and free us from defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

For 20 years as a Certified Integrative Body Mind Therapist, I have helped hundreds of couples turn their marriages around and achieve lasting romance. Trained by Jack Rosenberg and Beverly Morse (Authors of The Intimate Couple) and the founders of The Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy.

Ever-lasting, passionate love exists. You can reawaken the romantic attraction from when you first met. Many couples do not have the tools required to navigate the difficult terrain of relationships.  My specialty is helping you: 


  • Handle conflict effectively

  • Reignite passion and desire 

  • Heighten levels of intimacy

  • Break negative patterns

  • Communicate successfully

  • Build loving attunement


You will gain invaluable insights to strengthen your partnership as you work through difficult issues. I assist you in handling conflict more effectively so you can experience deeper levels of intimacy.

Nothing changes if you don't take action. The journey begins with you.

Here's what clients have said about working with me:

I've put off seeing a therapist for years and never really connected with any of the ones I've had in the past. I've over analyzed, been inauthentic and lied my way out of vulnerability with previous therapists. In my first session with Maya she was able to shed away my analytic defenses by using her very unique techniques. I couldn't hide myself from her and everything was out, finally.

pretty black woman.jpeg
Gay Couple with Daughter

My partner and I have been working with Maya for 5 months and we have the utmost respect for her practice, advice, and talent as a therapist.  She has been able to help us understand our core issues individually, and as a couple, in a way that has improved our communication dramatically. Maya has taught us skills to address the challenging conversations between us as a couple that used to escalate quickly; slowly but surely, we seem to have​ fewer heated discussions and more fruitful dialogue due to the work in her practice. Highly recommend!


Choosing a therapist is not easy. Maya came as a referral from one of my husbands friends and we are so happy we took a chance with her. Both my husband and I look forward to meeting with her every single week and wish we had found her sooner. We find her methods and process are exactly what we need. Both my husband and I feel we have grown tremendously as individuals and as a couple since seeing her. I promise you will not be disappointed in going to Maya!


Venice, Ca.

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